Water Drop Photography


Gary Detonnancourt



• 1 speed-light (sometimes 2) plus colorful gels for flashes

• Medium focal length lens (24-70 mm range) or macro lens

• Backgrounds:  white foam core or other printed patterns

• Containers:  black paint pan or other containers to catch the drops (these should not have writing on the bottom)  Plus some extra containers to hold liquids.

• Liquids:  water, milk

• Additives:  glycerin, soap, sugar, syrup - to thicken the water

• Dropping:  a dropper or plastic bag

• Stands and tripods

• Focus aid:  ruler, pen etc...

• Flash trigger

• Paper Towels





• 1/16 or 1/32 power on manual flash mode for a fast flash duration.  This helps freeze the water drop.  Point the flash at the background behind the drop.




• Manual mode

• Shutter speed:  1/250 sec. or as high as your flash can sync.

• ISO:  100 or 200

• F-stop:  f/8 or higher depending on your exposure.  If you not getting enough depth of field try moving the camera further away from the drop.






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