More Than a Snapshot E-Book

by Gary Detonnancourt


This e-book is for anyone interested in learning to control their digital SLR and make better quality images.  The book contains 28 easy to follow lessons for any beginner to get up and running with their digital SLR.  The lessons give you clear objectives plus all the background knowledge you will need to complete the assignments.  The assignments target what you have just learned and give you a practical way to go out and practice these new techniques.


Let's face it if you want to become a better photographer you have to know you camera inside and out and you have to practice.  Anyone who has ever tried to master anything knows you have to practice and practice with purpose.  Random fooling around with your camera is better than nothing but focused practice with a purpose such as in my e-book will give you the biggest gains in the shortest period of time.


86 pages for $5 and can be purchased for immediate download from


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