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Hi this is Gary Detonnancourt from In this video we’re going to learn how to work with video files in Lightroom 5. So one of the first things you’ll want to do is check out your video by scrubbing through it to see if there’s anything you’d want to cut out.  So here I have my daughter entering the frames, so in this case if I just want it to be about the water I will trim this video. So all you have to do is click this little wheel and it brings up these little side panels and you have to find the point where you want to trim the video and then you just slide this end point to there, and then you can start over and see if you have the right amount of video. And that’s good, it’s what I wanted it doesn’t have any other distractions entering the frame, it’s just a waterfall coming down itself. Alright, so next you might want to work on fixing the video itself, maybe things like exposure. Now a Lightroom does not really allow you to do that in the develop module, but it does allow you to make some adjustments in the library module.


To the right side of the library module we have some of these little buttons that we can work with. And we have right here it says increase exposure by a third of a stop or decrease by a third of a stop, or we have the larger button where we can increase it by one full stop. So you can see here if I go up by one full stop that makes it very bright, so maybe I didn’t need to go quite that bright it’s probably clipping a little bit of highlights and now I might use the decrease by third of a stop a couple times. Alright, that probably looks good. You can also affect contrast and the white point and the black point, so I’ll give it a little black point (well maybe it does need to be a little bit brighter overall) and you can affect the saturation and it applies this throughout the whole video. So these are some very basic adjustments you can make here and that’s the effect that they had.


Another thing you can do in the library module is use a preset that you’ve previously made in the develop module and apply that to your video. So in this case if I come over towards a saved preset, I can look through some other presets that I’ve already made and I’ll find a tone black and white precept, and I’ll choose that one and here it will tell me what settings from that preset it will apply to video. And that means there probably are a few settings in that preset that it won’t apply but that’s okay. If it gives me the basic effect that I’m looking for, if I click okay, it applies that preset and now it will show up throughout the whole video.


Alright, we’re going to look at one more way in which you can edit a video in Lightroom 5. First we’ll come over to where the video settings are and we’ll click this little drop down and we’ll choose capture frame. What that will do is it will make a jpeg image from this picture on the video, and here is the jpeg it just comes right up on the side of it. Now we can go to the develop module and edit this jpeg just like we would any other picture. So now we’re in the develop module, we can see our histogram and we can see all of our tools that are available. So one of the first things I would do is probably add a little bit of exposure to brighten that up and maybe tweak the white balance a little bit and see what that will do. Alright so that’s looking a little bit better and maybe give it a little bit of contrast and maybe a little bit of clarity, just a little bit.


Alright, so now that we’ve made some adjustments to our picture there are two ways that we can apply it to our video. The first way is by using the sync function. So we got to make sure we first clicked on our jpeg and then if you hold down control or option on the Mac you can highlight the second video clip, and we’re telling it to sync the settings from the jpeg on to the video. And so if I hit sync it will show me which of the options that I’ve adjusted are available to put on the video and which ones are not available. Now we didn’t use all the options anyway so as long as we have the main exposure, contrast, all those kinds of things that’s what we mainly worked with. So if I hit sync it should apply that to the video. So we’ll give that a second and I can see that it just updated on a thumbnail. The other way you could’ve have done it is after making the adjustments to the jpeg you could come over here to presets and you could create a preset, call it whatever you want and then when you’re in the library module you could apply that preset to the video, and so that would be good any time you want to use this effect more than once.


So now let’s click over to our video and we’ll see if there’s a difference, yes you can see that it’s much brighter and lighter and it made a big difference. Once you’ve completed your video you need to export it so you have a finished copy. So you go to file, export and you have to run through the settings to make sure that they’re right for a video. Choose a ‘default folder later’ I like to use that one because it’s good for presets, I can choose whatever  folder I want whenever I export my file, so that means I don’t usually have to worry about the rest of this. If I want to rename the file I can click this and give it a new name. In this case it’s going to be this file name and I’m fine with that. Since we added colour tone to it I think that we’ll give it a custom name and we’ll call it ‘cold tone’. So we’re giving it a new name and here under the video options this is what’s important, we want to include the video files, we want it to be the same format which was h264. I want the maximum quality here; it will tell me what size the video will be and how many frames per second.


 If I needed to make a change there are a few other options but since that’s the file type that the video already is, we might as well leave it in that file type. If I wanted it to have a lower quality to save a little space here is where I could do that. And a lot of these other settings won’t matter since it’s a video and I do want it to show me the results in Explorer when it’s done. So after going through all those settings if I think I could use those settings again I could click add and create a preset call video, in that way I don’t have to go through those steps again it will already be there. You can see here I have a video preset already made. So then I click export and it’s going to ask me where do you want to export that video. So I’m going to go to my computer into the videos folder and I will create a new folder and I will call it ‘Megan Cold Tone’.  And so my video will go into that folder and I’ll select it and now you’ll see Lightroom will export that video, it will take a few minutes so I’ll come back. Alright here we have the finished video and if I played it in Windows Explorer, this is the result. And there you have it that’s how you export a video from Lightroom 5.


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