How to Prevent your Canon 580 EX /EX II (Nikon SB-28) Flash from going in to Sleep Mode.


If you use your flash off camera like a studio strobe and trigger them with something like a pocket wizard.  The problem that can occur is they go to sleep after about 90 seconds which is a pain because you have to keep running back to your flash to take it out of sleep mode.  By going to the custom functions on your flash you can turn off the sleep mode so this is no longer a problem.


580 EX    - Set custom function 14 to 1.

580 EX II - Set custom function 1 to 1.

Link to the Canon 580 EX II's other custom functions.


How to do it for the Nikon SB-28


Standby function

If both the SB-28 and camera are not used for after approx. 80 seconds, the SB-28 shuts off automatically to conserve battery power. This is called the standby function.


Canceling and setting the standby function


1 Press the ON/OFF button for approx. 0.5 sec. to turn the SB-28 off.

2 Hold down the MODE button as you press the ON/OFF button.

—The SB-28’s standby mode indicator STBY on the LCD panel appears when

the function is set and disappears when it is not set. Perform steps 1 and 2 to

cancel it or reset it.

• The standby function is preset when the SB-28 is shipped from the factory.

(Check that the standby mode indicator STBY appears on the LCD panel

when the SB-28 is turned on.)

When carrying the SB-28 in your camera bag with the standby

function set, make sure to turn off the flash unit to avoid accidental

battery drain.



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